Help with all your gardening and planting needs. Indoors and outdoors! 

Gardening is my passion

I will use my skills and experience to properly take care of your garden! Everything from lawn mowing, weeding, pruning shrubs, fruit trees and much more. I can supply all garden materials and tools needed for the job.

I offer gardening services in Västerås, Gävle, Kungsbacka and Gothenburg. Contact me if you wish to book a free home visit and I will get back to you with a price proposal!

Indoors & Out

Beautiful plant life thrives just as much indoors as outdoors! Hafsa’s garden will attend to the needs of gardens wherever they are. Swedish plants love the cosy winters too! 

Which plants?

Choosing the right plants for the right environment can be confusing. Save money and time with a little advice on why some plants enjoy certain spots more than others.

Total Makeover

Maybe it’s time for the grass to be greener on your side too! Renovation is a particular passion Hafsa loves to dig into. If you need to renovate your garden then let’s roll!

Picture time!

Here’s a few images from Hafsa’s gardening highlights this year. There’s weeding in Kungsbacka, pruning in Västerås and lawn mowing in Gothenburg. This could be your garden too. If you need help with pruning, spring cleaning, vacation services, trimming hedges, shrubs and roses, whether its a large park or a small garden feel free to get in touch any way you like! 

If you’d like to quickly get in touch for some advice and help, there’s a chat button at the top of the page, or an email contact form at the bottom. 

A bit about me

I am a Mathematician in profession and a gardener in person. Single-handedly reviving many gardens for more than 20 years, working in both indoors and outdoors covering commercial and residential areas. Catering to the special needs of each plant, pampering them, seeing them grow is the relaxing point of my day. I wanted to start this business to do what I love to do. I think that the garden is the most relaxing part of a house. Some times people do not have the time to spend in the garden, or they can no longer pay attention to their plants. Why should they be deprived of this relaxation.

I would like to help people enjoy the peace and tranquility of a well maintained garden just like I do. Treating each garden with a personal touch. In the alternate words of the Godfather, it isn’t business, it’s personal’.

Get in touch

Throughout spring, summer and autumn, I can help you with an ongoing gardening service and develop a plan that suits you. Get started here and tell me how I can help. You can even chat with me by pressing the button at the top of this page